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No-Code Weekend brings ambitious creators together who challenge themselves to launch No-Code Projects with guidance from a supportive community

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A build-first approach to #nocode learning.

Build your idea and launch your app in a tight timeframe, all while sharpening your skills and building your #nocode expertise.



Choose an idea you want to build or pick from one of our prompts in our idea directory.


Use a stack of no-code tools to build your idea. You have 36 hours to complete the build.



Demo your build to our audience and judges. Get helpful feedback (and prizes!).



Take feedback from experts, test a beta with the audience, iterate, and finally, launch!

No Code Weekend

is a #nocode exclusive hackathon.

#nocode development is the hottest revolution in app development empowering builders, both coders and non-coders with the fastest way ever to take their ideas online.

#nocode is ❤️ alright, but also



Building with no-code is cheap and doesn't require a tech team.



No-code apps are quick to build, easy to launch, and iterate on.



Launch a functional app without ever writing a line of code!

A community that accelerates your #nocode journey

Ideate, create, and launch your project - all within a weekend. Get support and guidance as you launch your MVP and supercharge your outcomes with a community that is biased towards action.



A community of builders with a bias for action. Learning no-code is easier with a group of passionate peers who love to learn and ship quickly.



Suffering a serious case of builders' block? Brainstorming a new idea? Wondering if it can be built using no-code? Let our experts inspire you.



Ship something in a weekend. No Code Weekends are outcome-focused hackathons that emphasize on shipping quickly and improving iteratively.

Get inspiration from our builders

Winning Projects of No-Code Weekend Spring 2023

Sujay Kolpuru

Sujay built a powerful application manager designed to simplify the college application process for students.

Rank- 1st

See Project→

Nikolay Bandura

Nikolay built A GPT-4 wired tool that improves user-submitted prompts used for creating images by AI models

Rank- 2nd

See Project→

Hazel Lim

Hazel Built an AI-Powered Hilariously Offensive Greeting Cards Generator

Rank- 3rd

See Project→

Joey Taleno

Best Build in Public

See Project→

Lee Launches

Best bubble Build

See Project→

Heimesh Chauhan

Best Glide Build

See Project→

Winning Projects of Block Party Notion Hackathon

Elanchearan R S

Rank- 1st

See Project→

Ankita Sontakke

Rank- 2nd

See Project→

Akshay Agrawal

Rank- 3rd

See Project→


Virtual Event Winner

See Project→

Winning Projects of No-Code Weekend 4

Jeff- 12 Degrees

Jeff creates a platform for Automated Elite self-storage facilities for businesses and individuals.

Rank- 1st

See Project→

Lee Launches

Lee created a library of customizable visuals to boost your content & learning resources For teachers & founders.

Rank- 2nd

See Project→


Brian creates a Hungry Writers toolbox with 60+ Writing Tools. The Ultimate Resource for Beginner Writers.

Rank- 3rd

See Project→

Winning Projects of No-Code Weekend 3


Harold creates a community with special rules to keep you accountable.

Rank- 1st

See Project→

Aditya Pati

Aditya built a platform to exchange your skills/digital products with someone else's products/services.

Rank- 2nd

See Project→

Louis Pereira

Louis made a platform for community-driven events or product drops.

Rank- 3rd

See Project→

Winning Projects of No-Code Weekend 2


Shiku built and shipped a Twitter Spaces recording app that can record your Twitter spaces.

Rank- 1st

See Project→

Josh Hofstad

Josh built and shipped a directory of UI resources for no-coders and designers for their next inspiration.

Rank- 2nd

See Project→

Gokul Madan

Gokul built and shipped a directory of design resources for no-coders and bubble builders.

Rank- 3rd

See Project→

Winning Projects of No-Code Weekend 1

Patrick Daniels

Patrick built and shipped an MVP on bubble while learning the new responsive engine. The speed at which he shipped it was impressive.

Rank- 1st

See Project→

Gokul Madan

The judges and viewers were incredibly impressed with how quickly Gokul shipped a beautiful design on the bubble all while learning the new responsive engine.

Rank- 2nd

See Project→

Medha Muppala

Medha created A comprehensive resource directory that has all the tools and platforms writers and marketers need.

Rank- 3rd

See Project→

Meet Our Judges

Judges No-Code Weekend Spring 2023

Doc Williams

No-Code dev and Educator

Tweets @_docwilliams

Chris Strobl

Founder Salesmachine

Tweets @nocodechris

Gregory John

Founder Buildcamp

Tweets @_gregoryjohn

Judges Block Party Notion Hackathon

Anudeep Ayyagari

UX Designer & Mentor

Instagram @ux.anudeep

Benjamin Borowski

Notion Tutor & Product Designer

Tweets @typeoneerror

Alejandra Cienfuegos

Notion Consultant

Tweets @heyiamAC

Daniel Somoza

Co-Creator notionologia.com

Tweets @DSomoza3

Judges No-Code Weekend #4

Madhuri Maram

Product Designer & No-Code Maker

Tweets @Iruhdam24

Bhanu Vadlakonda

Product Manager & No-Code Maker

Tweets @bhanuv3

Judges No-Code Weekend #3

Colleen Brady

Webflow & No-Code dev

Tweets @ColleenMBrady


No-Code Developer

Tweets @TheFlowAgency

Judges No-Code Weekend #2

Steven Schmatz

Engineer @Ondeck

Tweets @schmatzarella

Kelly Claus

Designer & Bubble Dev

Tweets @ClausISaidSo

Judges No-Code Weekend #1


No-Code Maker

Tweets @ModernAfflatus

Curtis Cummings

Full Stack Developer

Tweets @curtisjcummings

❤️ From Our Participants

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